Assalamu alaikum, praise be to Allah (swt).

The San Jose Islamic School (SJIS) executive committee feels blessed by Allah Almighty to serve our community. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us. May Allah help us discharge this trust to the best of our abilities.


The joy seeing our children grow as Muslims in these modern times, is something that can never be described by words. Our success can only come from the mercy and blessings of Allah (swt). 

"And my success in my task can only come from Allah. In Him I trust and unto Him, I turn. (The Quran, 11:88)."


We encourage you to explore this website and find out about our classes and curriculum. You are welcome to visit the schoole between September and May, 10AM to 2PM.

Our Philosophy

SJIS strives for the preservation of our crucial religious and moral heritage for our future generations by establishing a Sunday School Program. Our mission is to impart Islamic education to the children and to enable them to grow as Muslims in this ever-changing society.


With an outstanding teaching staff, SJIS has always been a step closer to our young children to meet this challenge. By the grace of Allah (swt), hundreds of our young children and youth have been educated from this school and are now leading successful lives as Muslims.

Our History

San Jose Islamic School began in 1981 in the garage of a community member. Then it moved to a house, then to a rented building and finally to its present location at SBIA's downtown center on third street. The original name South Bay Area Islamic School was changed to San Jose Islamic School in 2015. The school has been striving for Islamic education of the young generation of Muslims in the South Bay.